Les Nocturnes du piano
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6 Recitals
The Meeting of the Great Amateurs
Junior Piano Competition
International Piano Competition
Samson François


2nd edition - July 1st to 9th 2023
Hippodrome de la Côte d'Azur


Welcome to all !

It is with great joy that as president of the association ''le Piano en liberté'' I present you four exceptional events that will take place from July 1 to 9, 2023 in the idyllic setting of the Hippodrome de la Côte d'Azur in Cagnes-sur-Mer:

This festival must be a great celebration around the piano, its goal is both to promote young talent, to perpetuate the musical legacy of Samson François and to bring together the great lovers of the piano, all this in an atypical setting certainly, but which proves to be the ideal place for listening and sharing.
This year, during the pre-recitals, Sylvain Mirouf, the famous magician, will be among you from 7:30 to 8:45 pm every evening to entertain you and to amaze you with his magic tricks.
You will have at your disposal from 19 hours a Food Truck full of charm for the biggest pleasure of your papillae. Finally, on Thursday July 6th at 7:30 pm, Christine Boyer, artistic agent, nurse and therapist, will give a conference on "the benefits of music on the brain".

The 2022 edition was a success thanks to you, you were more than 2,000 spectators to support us, I hope from the bottom of my heart that the 2023 festival will enchant you even more.

Christine V4

Christine GASTAUD - Pianist, piano teacher at the Conservatoire National de Région de Nice, Creator and Artistic Director of the festival "Les Nocturnes du Piano" and President of the association "Le Piano en Liberté".

Listening only to her formidable intuition, against all the reluctance that had been expressed, Christine Gastaud made her dream come true: to make a concert venue out of an unusual and atypical place, the Hippodrome de la Côte d'Azur in Cagnes-sur-Mer. From the first recital of the "Nocturnes du Piano", that I had the honor and the pleasure to give on July 2, 2022, as sponsor of this festival, the bet was won.
The quietness, the serenity and the poetry of the place, the immense open space behind the stage, the astonishingly good acoustics immediately won over the public. For my part, I felt a great happiness to make music in this place, with a formidable comfort of listening and a true feeling of plenitude.
This impression has been confirmed by all the young pianists who have succeeded me.
I wish long life and immense success to this magnificent festival, whose mission is to introduce the public of the Côte d'Azur to young and wonderful pianists of the new generation.
And long live also the "Samson François" Competition, coupled with the festival, whose first edition was also a great success, revealing to the public Ryan Wang, a fabulous young pianist of 14 years old !

Philippe BIANCONI - International pianist, Sponsor of the festival " Les Nocturnes du piano ".

In 2022 a new piano festival was born in Cagnes-sur-Mer.
This year, the second edition of the festival "Les Nocturnes du piano" comes to knock once again melodiously to our ears.

Supported by the association Piano en Liberté, chaired by Christine Gastaud, the Nocturnes du piano take place in the Hippodrome de la Côte d'Azur to reach out to all audiences.

A musically ambitious program offered to the people of Cagnes mixing great names of music and the young generation of concert pianists. I admire the work accomplished around this project that the City of Cagnes-sur-Mer supports: a Festival, but also an International Samson François Competition which attracts more than 80 candidates from all over the world, a junior competition, and a day of meeting of the great piano amateurs, all this realized with professionalism and requirement.

Under the starry sky of Cagnes-sur-Mer, at the Hippodrome, we can dream of the future, wishing long life to the Nocturnes du piano where music and the beauty of the equestrian art meet.

Louis NÈGRE - Mayor of Cagnes-sur-Mer
Delegate President of the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis

Welcome to this extraordinary site, which has been entrusted by the local authorities to the Société des Courses de la Côte d'Azur. It has built one of the most beautiful racecourses in Europe. But its recognition must go beyond this single equestrian activity.
A veritable garden on the Mediterranean, the racecourse must be the natural place to host exhibitions and creative events and contribute to the reputation of our beautiful region.
An international piano festival could not but arouse enthusiasm and invite us, as far as possible, to allow the association "Le Piano en Liberté" to gather the means for its project.
The quality of this musical event is bound to be a success with piano lovers.
Thank you to all of you and we wish you great musical moments.

François FORCIOLI-CONTI - President of the Hippodrome de la Côte d'Azur - Cagnes-sur-Mer.

4 events

"Les Nocturnes du piano", from July 3 to 8, 2023

The 2023 program

Philippe Bianconi & Clément Lefebvre, Théo Fouchenneret,
Nour Ayadi, Florian Noack, Célia Oneto Bensaïd and Jean-Paul Gasparian

International Piano Competition

"Samson François", from July 5 to 9, 2023

Content, registration and rules of the 2023 competition

Junior Piano Competition

"Samson François", from July 1 to 2, 2023

Content, registration and rules of the 2023 competition

"Meeting of the great amateur pianists", July 3, 2023

Program of the day

Concert of the Pianists, Lunch, Recital of Noé Zagroun and Opening concert of the piano nocturnes with Philippe Bianconi and Clément Lefebvre

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